Saturday, March 31, 2012

My papa

Visiting Liam's school

"grandpa, grandpa come with me, let's go COUNTING"

Sunday School

Liam decorates pizza

Goose in a puddle

Playing at Petco

The Ring

Cassia accessorizes.

Easter ears at Winco

Don't let the pink Elmo jammies fool you

Cassia finds the Halloween knife.

the view

This was the view from the hotel. And it's hilarious. I especially like the recliner with the garbage can in it.

(the hotel was actually really nice though)

More Portland

We had an awesome time, much much needed. Even found out while we were on vacation that 2 of Jerad's cars sold and we got renters! Our trip went well, we stopped in La Grande and The Dalles on the way there and Pendleton and La Grande on the way home. Grandma Mary babysat the dogs and the cat.

Portland is fun, we did the Children's Museum and drove though a wooded park. We would have gone hiking if Cassia were a little older, but there's always next time. The trees covered in moss were breathtaking, just as beautiful as I remember them (last time being when I was like 16 with my parents, Grandma Reva, Aaron, and Maresa). 

With no high chair Cassia became very used to us sharing food with her. When Liam did his inhaler she thought he was eating and not sharing so she got mad and threw his rain boots at him.

I will post the pictures from the Children's Museum later, they are on Jerad's phone and I need to upload them onto the laptop. Anyway, here are some random road trip pictures, many taken from the car. 

PS Honda Civic, you get 40mpg and I love you.

This is definitely Cassia

she took off her head rest and threw it at me

Breakfast at Zell's (Portland)

We found a local breakfast place off the beaten path, and it was amazing. I had salmon scrambled eggs, Jerad had Italian sausage scramble, and Liam had German pancakes with rhubarb and whipped cream (viola!). Cassia, as you can see, has her own ideas about how to sit at a table and enjoyed stealing food from all of us. 

I want to add that the restaurant owners were amazingly accommodating for kids and brought Liam and Cassia scones with blackberry jam and a basket of toys. The food, the service, and the atmosphere were amazing.