Saturday, July 28, 2012

Quotes from Liam

Upon hearing "Elanor Rigby" by The Beatles which starts out "...look at all the lonely people"

Liam "why are they lonely?"
Molly "I guess they don't have any friends"
Liam "Where are the lonely people?"
Molly "There's lonely people everywhere, even where we live"
Liam "There's probably lonely people in Africa because Africa is full of crying babies"

He later said he wanted to visit some one who is lonely, so were thinking maybe a nursing home trip?

Liams's jaguar from the zoo

Here is the newest addition to our stuffed animal family, baby jaguar. This is the one he saved for all summer, he would do 10 chores, get 10 stickers, and then get 5$. He saved $15 and finally got his jaguar. He at first named it "Jackie" then changed it to "Bongo Tiger" then decided that it was not a baby jaguar but a 100 year old jaguar who didn't have a name. 

Cassia's new way to relax

Cassia thinks dog water makes a nice kiddie pool. I think I need a towel.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Trip to the Zoo

Other Liam's family invited us to the zoo. All the kids had a good time, Liam went in May and wanted a stuffed jaguar. I told him if he did chores this summer he could earn money to buy it. We went back and the bigger one (one that is normally 35$ was on sale for 16$) so he even got an upgrade. When we got home he put Jasper's old collar and leash on it and took it for a walk Then he fed it bread. Cassia took a nap, 10-1 at the zoo was a big day for her. 

Ann Morrison Park

We went to an BBQ at Ann Morrison Park. I apologize for the lack of pictures of Liam, he is losing the patience to sit and let me take pictures. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

we like our crib

First time getting her nails painted

She even sat still and let them dry-good girl!

Picnic (again)

We eat lunch outside almost everyday now, one thing we will miss when it gets colder. Probably the only thing we will miss when it gets colder (we all like fall).

she loves these shoes

I like my new shoes!

park in Meridian

We had some time to kill before picking up our basket so we played at the park a while. Cassia likes the swings.

Anything with pointy ears... a kitty. Even Batman.

They love the cat

And surprisingly the cat likes them as well.

Looking angry eating an Avengers popsicle

this is why Liam calls her Hulk

Ivywild Park

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Cassia salts her own food now

She can also brush her own teeth.

montage of playing outside

I can't remember what days these are all from, so I'm just combing them into one post. 

Liam made me a heart

Cassia gets a library card

And I told her she insisted on picking one herself. So she grabbed this off the shelf then hugged it all the way to the check out. Of course, it was called SHARK!