Thursday, May 31, 2012

fishing @ Park Center

Another Parks and Rec free fishing day. This time Jerad and Cassia got to come along. The good news is Liam caught a 9.5in rainbow trout, the bad news is Cassia fell in the pond. She was OK though, not too happy (I even gave her a cookie after and she crumbled it up and threw it on the ground then stepped on it) but eventually did return to her happy self and sat on my lap and helped me fish. Liam was so excited about catching a fish and had it for dinner. I just cooked it in olive oil with salt, pepper, and some fresh lemon. 

Cassia post fall (at least it was shallow water)

Jerad teaching Liam to cast

Cassia pre-fall


Jerad's pic

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

We have a first grader!

Kindergarten graduation was this afternoon and I almost missed it. I was going to meet Jerad there, and Cassia hid her shoes right before I was about to leave. I found them both in my shower. We made it though!

The kids sang a few songs, Liam didn't seem to interested in singing or doing the signs that went along with them. In stead he waved at us and then lost his balance and fell backwards flat on his butt. He's the only one that fell. 

The kids got to decorate their hats and his had the number 1-50 and a shark. They each had a speaking part about what they learned in kindergarten and his was "play fair". He drew a picture of it. 

Cassia was really good, Jerad held her the whole ceremony and she was happy to sit and watch. Afterwards she had a mint oreo and that looked fairly tasty. The other Liam's mom and I tried to get pictures of the boys but, as you will see, they turned out pretty funny. And sorry the pics are so fuzzy, my digital camera refused to read its SD card so I could only use my phone. 

poor Liam, got stuck between two girls who have already turned 6

1-0-0 days of school song

hi guys!

everyone laughed at this

Liam's "play fair"

Samuel (being an angel) and the Liams

you can probably see why these two are friends

Rhubard crisp + home made lemon whipped cream

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

small monster

Cassia's newest trick, climbing up on a chair then throwing everything off the counter. Thanks, daughter.

peaches come from a can, they were put there by a man

in a factory downtoooooown...

morning walk

Morning walk! Liam climbed the rocks by our house all the way to the top for the first time. Very proud day.

Cassia and I spend the afternoon in the park

There's a small playground walking distance from our house so while Liam was in school Cassia and I walked down. She had fun on the slide and pretending like she was going to walk off the edge (she puts one foot out then looks at me and pulls it back). As usual she was a happy girl.

I think she has some Grandma Reva in her 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Basser dog

So I made fried dumplings

Gluten free! Rice flour, an egg, and warm water. 

we're changing things around

I moved Cassia's kitchen into her room and Liam's table out in the living room. Both kids seem to like it more.


Memorial Day @ The MK Nature Center

This is our favorite free place to go. There's tons of walking paths, flowers, birds, wildlife, fish, and an educational center. Cassia and Liam like the water table with sand and a fountain and watching the trout in the big tanks. Today we even ran into a boy from Liam's school and his family and hung out with them for about an hour. 

water table

bird watching

one of the ponds

doe, she had twin fawns too but we couldn't get them in the picture

me "cassia is out" Liam "she's out of what?"