Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rainy day

We've had nonstop storms and rain all week. Jerad has been sick and now Liam is getting sick. Cassia is fine, enjoying her new found favorite position. Jasper keeps Jerad company. 

Saturday, May 28, 2011

I'm sitting up!

With some help, but she's almost there. Cassia likes her high chair, which is good because I like her in it (look, I'm using both hands to do stuff!)

We love our boppy

Cassia is having a good Saturday.

Liam the farmer

Liam planted some sun flowers "I'm growing vegetables" he tells us. And Cassia enjoys some time on her stomach. Yay for gardening and controlled head movements!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Popcorn day

The air popper is unpacked, so Liam suggested a popcorn day. He likes watching it pop and then I let him pick the seasonings. He even wore his new popcorn shirt to celebrate and picked out a movie on Netflix.  He needed some alone time, I think the move and the baby have made him a little desperate for attention, like a few days go when this happened:
Liam: Mama! Mama! Look! Mama! Mama!
Molly: Liam what!?
Liam: Watch me sit down

I  feel like he may have been channeling his cousin Bode ("Yaya, watch me eat")

Anyway, he decided the popcorn needed something:
Liam: (takes a bite) Hmmm....needs something...spicy. 
Molly: Liam I am so proud of you right now
Liam: You get me spices? I need 1,2,3,4,5. 

I let him pick them out and put them on. So ladies and gentlemen, I introduce turmeric, basil, tarragon, roasted ginger, and oregano popcorn (sea salt, cracked black pepper, butter, and olive oil already added). 

still has a black eye

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Finally sleeping

Thank you, whoever invented swings.

Rolling over

Cassia is tough! And in other news, Liam still likes his Nintendo DS.

complete with black eye and raspberry Crystal Lite mustache

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What do you guys eat?

Uh, stuff like this

first walk on the green belt at the new place

We had a good time. Some neighbor kids found a dead snake and told me it had "zombie marks on it". Liam and I went for a walk later and he found a dead squirrel. 

Liam: That squirrel was dead
Molly: Do you know what dead means?

Liam: Yes. 
Molly: What?
Liam: It means that squirrel got hit by a missile and died. And now it can't have donuts.
Molly: Oh.
Liam: And chipmunks die too.


Her eyes are still blue.

Books and black eyes

We ended up at the Library!* a half hour before it opened, so to kill time the three of us ventured over to Julia Davis Park and the Anne Frank Memorial. Liam had dressed himself quite well, sandals and his sock monkey hat and matching mittens. Cassia tagged along in the stroller. Liam still has a black eye, but that did not stop him from finding a bridge and a duck. 

When the Library! did open I was holding Cassia as she had grown impatient in her stroller. A grandma type woman approached us "what a precious baby girl! she is so sweet" and then Liam marches past in his sandals and hat and mittens, humming and with his arms straight like a robot "and" she continued "your brother is something else".

Some one else remarked about how funny he looked with a monkey hat and a black eye. When I told him he had a black eye he told me "no I have brown eyes" a later told Jerad laughing "the baby doesn't have a penis"

When you're right you're right

*it is actually called the Boise Public Libray! a patron paid for the ! to be added to the name

who does this remind you of?

PS as of Monday she can roll onto her stomach. Not even 4 moths old yet, this  girl has places to go.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Liam took my camera

hooray for self soothing

Cassia has discovered her thumb, which means she will fall asleep on her own now...yay!

Sittin on the dog

nothing to see here

I was nursing Cassia in our bedroom when I hear a big crash followed by Liam crying. I called for him to come here, but he wouldn't. I got up to check on him and he was watching "Johny Test" and had a big red lump under his eye and it's bleeding. 
Molly: Liam! What happened to your eye?
Liam: Nothing. My eye is fine.
Molly: What did you do? Did you fall?
Liam: No.
Molly: What happened to your eye??
Liam: Nothing. I did nothing. I saw nothing (he waves me away). Now go.

So no idea what he did. His eye is bruised this morning, the same eye he has an infection. Cassia cut her self on her above her eye with a her fingernails. Jerad wants to know what I've been doing to our kids when he's gone.  And now you can all go Google Idaho CPS and report me.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Move checklist:
  • one sick child (Liam has a cough, fever, and eye infection)
  • inability to find anything
  • Diatomaceous earth circling son's room to kill any remaining bed bugs
  • lack of furniture
  • inability to find anything
  • one happy baby
Yup, we've got it all. 

Monday, May 16, 2011

guess what, potential visitors

When we moved in we found this strange archaic rectangle in the kitchen. It appears to be some type of food heating device, one that does so promptly to a time set by a key pad located outside the device.

We haven't had a microwave since we lived in Bozeman (we moved to Boise in July of 2004). So despair no longer family and friends who visit. We have been forced into the 21st century, no longer must Aunt Jessie be forced to heat up her left over Thai on the stove top and Grandma Maggie can now heat up her cold coffee instead of having to pour it out and get a new cup.

....and yes I have used it. But in my defense only because the pots and pans were packed and I couldn't find them.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

if you come to visit

You might find several of these all over the house. They are Liam's gardens. He picks leaves and then puts them in glasses of water. Or Sonic cups of water. Liam does not discriminate.

Elsbeth's graduation party

I met her family at Cafe Ole, her mom took Cassia and Aaron took Liam. Look everyone, I can use my hands! No kids!

Hilary met Cassia when I was 4 months pregnant...we were both bridesmaids in Elsbeth and Aaron's wedding


Liam helped open presents

Elsbeth's mom likes the babies

wore her dress from Auntie Yaya