Tuesday, December 28, 2010

This is not what it looks like

No, these are not mint chip muffins. They are cherry and poppy seed muffins. Liam added green food coloring. A lot of green food coloring. 

"I'm an alien!" (seconds later shirt was covered in green food dye)


Other Mother's .25 sale

Liam tagged along and was a saint while I rummaged for 5T boys clothes and baby girl clothes. We got a huge bag for $8.25. Here is a sample of what I found:


He wanted pink

...but Target was out of pink Play-Doh. So we got red and white and mixed them together. Liam decided this was best done by making candy canes. 


camera time before bedtime

I finally had Jerad take a picture of me pregnant (I think this makes the grand total of 3 now). Liam decided to make vampire faces.

33 weeks


some one is having a stroke

Fixing the vacuum

My vacuum needed to get fixed, and Jerad was more than willing to help (better he use a screwdriver than me). Liam grabbed a flashlight to help. And his diagnosis? "Mama broke the vacuum and it has fire ants"


Lookin good

Liam decided to wear his Aunt Jessie's shoes around.

"Merry Christmas dinosaurs, merry Christmas Transformers" Liam

We had Christmas in Boise, I am too far along to travel and Jerad couldn't make it to Idaho Falls. We had a wonderful day, Liam got what he wanted (Transformers) and I was happy to get gourmet tea and honey. Even the cat celebrated by getting stuck on an ornament.

Thanks Mom

Thanks, Grumma

Thanks, Auntie
Liam and Dad bonding over robots that change into modes of transportation

Tranformers inspired a new song from Liam "jingle bells, jingle bells, missiles all the way"

We never said she was a smart cat
Jerad made dinner (I made the potatoes), it was kind of a mini Thanksgiving dinnner; roast chicken with sage and sea salt, side salad, roast potatoes with sage and dill, cranberry chutney with pineapple, Brussels sprouts and carrots in creamy dijon sauce. We had cocoa and ice cream for dessert.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

More engineering

A circle

A cart

A family portrait, by Liam

From R to L "this is Daddy and Mama and Liam in the house." 
I live how Jerad is Indiana Jones, I have space pants a swimsuit top and a cape, and Liam is in a bikini bottom and space helmet.

Jasper is cute

He may bark and eat the ornaments off our tree, but he is a really cute dog. And great with Liam. Liam can call him anything, and Jasper will gladly come play. He's answered to Bolt, "Basser" as Liam calls him, Snoopy, and the default Scooby Doo. He slept with Liam after he had his flu shots and will happily play catch or let the little boy brush him. We have our moments Basser, but you are a good boy.

I have no ide what Liam wants for Christmas.

If only he would tell me.
Xmas shopping, "what do you want to look at honey?"

I should have known

Friday, December 17, 2010

Engineering genes

Liam made this with his ABC magnets, no help. He made a digger! And no, the engineering genes are not from my side. His running into walls at night is all me.

Liam's Legos

Liam made a blaster and wanted a photo of it. He was quite proud, as you can tell.

the pets

Bella has made herself quite at home

My present, the one cat threw up on and scratches constantly.

More photography by Liam

Jerad might be suffering a stroke.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Quotes from this week

Liam gets up to see all the snow melted "Oh no! Christmas is gone!"

Liam decides to write a letter to Santa. He sits down with an orange crayon and piece of paper:
"Dear Santa; I like cookies and you like cookies. We need some cookies and presents and you are my friend. Liam"
Then a surprising guilt letter for his mom:
"Dear Mama, you go to school and I can't come and then I am sad and you are gone and I am alone and then I get mad. I'm not mad! Liam"
Hint taken, son. I'm taking online only classes next semester so you won't have to be alone and sad. 

We went to the Library yesterday and I told Liam to pick out any book he wants in the kid section. He gets a teacher's edition kindergarten workbook. I have him try again, and he gets "How to adjust to to your step family". Try again.

He ends up with "Celebrations in South Asia" "Humpback Dolphins of the Atlantic" "The Letter L" "Pokemon" and "Bears and Cubs". Then he picked out Jerad a Star Wars book and me a romance novel (I put the romance novel back, the shirtless man with long flowing hair on the cover was hilarious though). When we got home Liam says "Daddy I got you a Star Wars book and you're gonna read it!"