Thursday, March 31, 2011

we have smiling down

Not being cross eyed needs a little work still.

funny Bella

spring is here! first walk to the Co-op of 2011

1.6 miles round trip and both kids were behaved. Cassia rode in her Moby wrap, which is great because she can eat and fall asleep without any effort. Liam picked up all kinds of things, he got home with a pine cone, 7 rocks, and a pocket of moss. We each picked a drink, OJ for Liam and Nantucket Nectar for me (tea + lemonade flavor) plus some chocolate and yummy snacks. We ate outside at  the Co-op patio and met a Russian wolf hound named Lacey. The weather was wonderful, no rain or anything!! We took the foothills home, that's the last two pictures. Enjoy

getting ready to go Co-op'in

Liam finds some flowers

counting backwards from 11

"I need a break" he tells me
bench by the historic cabin

Co-op patio


my name is mud

Rainy days and puddles don't discourage Liam from having fun. PS I will probably be making most of these into prints, let me know of you want some :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Liam : want to see my remote control robot?
Molly: OK
Liam: (comes out of his room with our electric drill) 
Molly: where did you get that!?
Liam: drills make holes like circles in the floor
(I have not found any holes yet)

Molly: what is this on the floor!?
Jackson: this! (produces an empty bottle of massage oil)
Liam: Jackson spilled.


Molly: Cassia is trying to decide between eating and pooping
Jerad: Something I struggle with daily

Baths are serious busines

one of my friends remarked that cassia was getting a reddish tint to her hair. maybe she has some henry coloring?

Cassia uses her bath time to practice for the louge

A good morning

Cassia hangs out on her new quilt and plays with a toy, Liam enjoys toast with peanut butter and chocolate hazelnut spread (thank you Boise Co-op). He was surprised by the chocolate "what?! there's no corn syrups on this?! I can eat this! for me??" I told Jerad who replied "he's awesome"

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Until it sleeps

Grandma Maggie may not know it, but the single greatest thing she has ever done is buy Cassia her baby swing. Don't believe me? Look at my baby sleeping while members of my family do something other than hold her. Liam and Jerad play Mario Bros on the wii and I update my blog.

Edit: she woke up before I finished this.

Look! Posts about Liam and not Cassia!

Liam grabbed the phone at Target:
Liam: Hello?! PIRATES!! We need some cookies! Yeah yeah yeah yeah...OK bye pirates"

And now he can get a real job

Today Liam got his first professional haircut today. We made a deal with him in the car:

Jerad: No crying when you get your hair cut and you'll get a special prize
Molly: And no whining
Liam: And no stupid

When he was getting it cut (by a cool punk girl who had black and red hair) she told him she liked his flame shoes. "thank you, they make me go fast"

So good bye long shaggy hair, hello long respectable hair. Now go get a real job.



after! heading to Target for a special Bakugan prize

Monday, March 28, 2011

Jerad is funny

Cassia seems to think so. She smiles the most for dad, and even coos and talks to him. Cassia thinks he's funny. Jerad will also tell you he is also intelligent, generous, clever, and very very humble. 

hey guys!


pants are actually fitting!

Look at my fully dressed child in clothes that fit. It too 8 weeks but we got there. Way to grow, daughter.


new quilt from aunt Toni

As you can see Cassia is in her bassinet. She is also wide awake. This is because she does not believe her bed is for sleeping.