Thursday, September 27, 2012

new tea!

Thanks to Groupon I got all this for about 1/3 the price! Including only 5$ shipping, yay!

  • blood orange red tea
  • coconut lavender red tea
  • chocolate vanilla mate
  • mint green chai
  • peach white tea
  • ginger pepper orange red tea
  • orange cookie black tea
  • pumpkin cream black tea
  • creamsicle red tea
Who wants to come over and have tea?

Pudding is good

playing "daddy beat up"

Cassia has no problem hitting her father

Morning at the playground

I was cleaning the kitchen when Cassia brought me her shoes. I told her we would go outside when I was done, so she brought me my shoes. OK, I told her, we'll go now. The kitchen can wait. 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Cassia is not impressed

She is not impressed by these pajamas

Meh, on closer inspection they're alright

Meh, whatever
Olympic silver medalist is not impressed by any of this

Uncle I I comes to visit

Aaron drove up to see the BSU/BYU game with a friend. We met at Red Robin, where engrossed in conversation did not notice Liam pouring multiple sugar packets on his grilled cheese. Cassia began copying him with the salt and pepper, to whoever had to clean our table I am sorry. 

I told Aaron about how yesterday I dropped Liam off for school and he said "see you later, chicken fries!" before slamming the door. Also about his teddy bear that he named "farty bear". Aaron in return showed us pictures of his Alaska trip, complete with a video of a humpbacked whale. 

Afterwards my kids played in the street and I took home a bag of garlic from my parent's garden. 

Oh, and BSU won.

Monday, September 17, 2012


Liam went to a birthday party on Sunday and brought home some cupcakes. Cassia had no problem taking one, and also eating it like a puppy. When she got up Liam sat in her chair and she came running over screaming and grabbed the back of his shirt and shook him. 

So you've been warned, do not sit in Cassia's chair when she has a cupcake. 

Just don't do it. 

"yum-me-me" she says

New headband

My friend Barb told me that a headband might help Cassia's hair grow back instead of forward, so we bought one to try. She tolerated it longer than I had anticipated, but it also made her look like a rooster, which I had not anticipated. 

Saturday, September 15, 2012