Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Photography by Liam

the fridge
letter magnets + Liam's finger
Bakugon toy + Pj bottoms
Cords behind our TV + Liam's finger
Jerad's shoulder
Jerad's foot

Cooler weather means cooking soup

Ingredients (mostly veggies I need to get rid of) potatoes, sausage, zucchini, carrots, mushrooms, bell pepper, celery   
some spices: dried shallots, rosemary salt, pepper
beef broth, onion, favorite soup pot
Jerad taught me this, its an easier way to chop celery
onion, pepper, zucchini, and mushrooms sauted in butter and olive oil. The carrots and potatoes were put directly in the broth to boil. When the veggies were done I chopped 3 sausage links and browned them in the same skillet.
End result! Will taste better the next day, though
Soup tips:
  • cook things that take longer first, then work your way down to more soft veggies (like add carrots to broth before mushrooms). 
  • Soup tastes better the next day, so don't go too nuts with the salt on day one.
  • If you add milk, add a tiny amount of baking soda too, it will keep the milk from curdling (thanks, mom and mom's mom for that one). 
  • Potato peels can get bitter, so its best to peel them before adding them to soup. 
  • Add any frozen veggies at the end, as they cook fast and adding them too soon can turn them to mush. Unless, you like mush. Which is fine, I'm not judging. 

The fist time I made Liam homemade veggie soup, he refused to eat it because "the vegetables were broken". He has since come around and eats his soup like a good little boy. He even likes to help me make it.

Liam likes his monster shirt

We're like, totally ready for Halloween

I find your lack of tea disturbing.

Sometimes its fun to have a tea party. And sometimes its fun to invite R2D2 and Darth Vader.

My neighbor is creepy

We have a neighbor downstairs who is a little crazy, all he ever wears is sweat pants (no shoes, not shirt, just sweat pants).On top of he's super pale, overweight, has crazy gray hair, tattoos all over, and walks around with shaving cream all over his face. 

He was walking in front of Liam and I downstairs, and Liam yells "Excuse me! Where is that big scary ghost man going?" 

Well said, Liam.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Gluten free pizza

Yes, it's possible folks. We bought a basic frozen GF one at the Boise Co-op (had company over and we didn't have time to cook) and then added some toppings.

red onions, black olives, mushrooms, ground sausage, and artichoke hearts. Bellisma!

Sometimes you need a fruit smile

Liam likes his food to smile. If only I had a picture of the day everything in our fridge had a :) from a sharpie.

Saturday Farmers Market

The parfait was 4$. But it was all fresh berries and homemade cream. Best 4$ I ever spent and barely got a bite (Liam was not into sharing).

Off to preschool

Liam loves preschool. He told me all about grasshoppers and fire engines.

on our way to school

our neighbors include two pygmy goats

Have you ever gone for a walk around the neighborhood and had goats try and follow you home? 

Liam found some dirt to dig in...        

Did you know goats like to dig too?

Friday, August 27, 2010

I copied my cousin and made a blog. I'm unoriginal like that.

OK...so I had been thinking about making this for a while. Since most our family and a lot of friends live out of state this is a good way to keep everyone who cares posted on what Liam is up to and answer the question "what do you eat!?" that I am always getting asked. 

Enjoy! As Liam is enjoying his gluten free pancakes smile.