Saturday, November 26, 2011

Not more baldy

Cassia is finally getting some hair on her head. 

When asked if she cares, she responded:

Friday, November 25, 2011

quotes from Liam + Cassia getting stuff stuck on her head

"Good job cleaning your room Liam, I'll give you 5$ for your allowance"
Liam "Five....five dollar....five dollar foot loooooong.."
(for anyone reading this in the future and does not get it, it's from a Subway commercial)

I spend 8 hours cleaning our house
Liam "It looks....not perfect"

Volunteering in Liam's kindergarten:
Teacher: What are some things that do not go in soup?
Random Child 1: Heads!
Random Child 2: Bodies!

And Cassia got Liam's potty seat stuck on her head. She was not very happy.

Bountiful Baskets + Hostess Pack

Liam and I love getting our basket. He sorted everything by color.

Happy Thanksgiving, friend

We stayed home and Jerad cooked. Our friend Heidi came over with Sierra and the kids ate in Liam's room. Cassia ate at our table and had everything we did, just cut into tiny pieces (she likes turkey and pumpkin pie btw). Everything turned out pretty well, even the dogs had a good time. I gave them each a bath in the morning so they were both clean puppies.

  • Turkey with herb salt rub
  • Potatoes + cauliflower au gratin
  • Balsamic carrots + parsnips
  • green beans with carmelized onions and bacon
  • GF stuffing
  • salad with Gruyere and pickled ocra
  • cranberry sauce with quince 
  • pumpkin  pie 
  • pumpkin cheese cake
  • sparkling apple cider
thanks for the dress auntir yaya!

turkey about to go in the oven at 9am

clean Bella! even got her beard trimmed!

clean Basser!

Heidi and Cassia enjoy some dinner

Jerad dishing up


au gratin

GF stuffing


Good morning!

Post Thanksgiving pumpkin climb


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cassia helps with the laundry

Now that she can stand on her own, Cassia is helping me with the dryer. And not to forget her brother, who is always full of conversation:

We made a pumpkin pie. I dropped my piece.
Molly: Crap!
Liam: What?
Molly: Oh nothing.
Liam: I saw you. I saw you drop your pie.
Molly: OK, well yes I dropped my pie.
A few minutes later
Liam: I want to tell you a joke. Why did the pie go to the doctor?
Molly: I don't know why did the pie go to the doctor?
Liam: Because you dropped it.

And here is now he talks smack during a game of Risk "Mama I played a game with the kitty and SHE LOSE! She's on YOUR TEAM!"