Saturday, October 30, 2010

sounds like me

Last night I was walking our two dogs (on leashes) and they got in a fight with a Great Dane who was off her leash. I got knocked onto my stomach/face (ouch-I'm 6 months pregnant) and then dragged through the dog poop (from my dog). I came back home covered in mud and dog doo, coughing up stomach acid and clutching the arm I landed on. Jerad opens the door and is like "go take care of yourself. just go." (ps baby is fine)

Today is Saturday, and I suddenly realized I was walking around with a gallon of milk and a pair of scissors. I don't know why or for how long. 

Anyone want to buy me a vacation?

I hear there's a nice aquarium and zoo in Salt Lake?
dogs not invited on potential future vacation. they can vacation at the kennel.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

mini Jeraddon't l

"Mamma I got my hat and my ball and my card and my flashlight"

he was thrilled to be photographed

More photography by Liam

Halloween Carnival

We arrive at 6:30 and Optimus Prime is in sleep mode. I let him sleep a while, then ventured in. He was still half asleep, but had fun. His favorite game: the fishing pond.

Halloween cookies

This is why I never prepare or plan for anything: Case: I buy Halloween sprinkles in September specifically for making sugar cookies the week of Halloween. I buy a GF sugar cookie mix days after. I make sure this week I have butter, eggs, powdered sugar, and vanilla on hand. I bake the cookies, get everything ready, only to discover Liam took off with the sprinkles and they are nowhere to be found. We look for 30 minutes. Gone. He remembers eating them (he snuck them out of my baking drawer) and can't remember where they are. So we decorate with dried blueberries, cranberries, Reece's Pieces, Smarties, and birthday sprinkles. Turned out OK, Liam insisted that every smile face have sprinkle eyebrows. Hopefully Halloween sprinkles are found before cupcake day (Saturday)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Liam's table creations

Things I find on the table:

the big pretzel man

Lego alphabet: P, T, O, F, E, I

First ever attempt at gluten free buttermilk biscuits

I modified this recipe:
And made my own. They turned out almost as well as I wanted, next time I am adding more butter and salt When the recipe is perfect I will post it. Liam was a fan though, even helping me bake. And eat.

Garlic chicken sausage, gingered carrots and cauliflower, buttermilk biscuits, and side salad

fresh from the oven

Liam is an expert at eating biscuits

Liam is like, totally ready for Halloween...even at dinner

the hallway: Liam in various forms of locomotionRunn


Going slow

Walking backwards

Walking forwards

Where is Liam?

Clearly, Galena was impressed

Jasper and Bella behaving, I needed photographic evidence



after running in circles, he shows me the zero he made

all the equipment we need is a light saber

even Jasper got involved

feeling good after a work out.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cold rainy day inside

Liam has decided to make his own costumes. What is needed:
  1. Orange bowler hat
  2. Bat headband
  3. Orange bandana
Combine all for "three costumes on your head". Extra points when done in dino pjs.

Cajun and Chef Roland's

We decided on Cajun for lunch. Liam had mac-n-cheese and hushpuppies (fried cornbread balls) and Jerad had gumbo. I had the special; crawdads, red beans and rice, potatoes and corn. We ate everything, and definitely are going back. Chef said if we call ahead a few days we can get gator meat. Liam even had fun. 

Chef: Do ya'll have any questions?
Liam: I have a question. 
Chef:  OK, what is it?
Liam: Dinosaur Train?
Chef: What?
Molly: It's a show on PBS kids.
Liam: Chocolate milk!
HUGE plate of spicy food

Even Jerad likes it...although he liked the sausage more

That's fine, more crawdads for me. I mean, for the baby

I ate the whole thing. I mean, the baby did.

Baby registry + baby updates

We started our registry for Baby Girl. We took Liam along to Babies R Us and let him help. He ended up picking out most of the registry. He kept saying "this is for my little sister" and pointing at anything and everything. Most of the registry is blue, has bugs, and includes a stuffed crocodile. Jerad and I did manage to sneak in some actual girl items, but Liam was having so much fun we let him take over. After all, it is his little sister. 

We started a Target registry too, but haven't gone in and actually scanned in the store yet. We figure its better to wait until January or December since then we don't have to worry about seasonal items being gone by the time we get to our due date. 

I had my 6 month appt this last Monday. She is growing fine and her heartbeat is 150 (normal). It's just such a relief to us to have a healthy baby. She kicks constantly. I was reading in bed and she kicked the book and the book hit me in the face. She also kicks my seatbelt (the entire time its on) so car sickness is a bit of a problem. We're glad she's active, since she's gonna have to keep up with a very busy brother.

picked by Daddy, I think he did a pretty good job!
We're OK with pink in small amounts, but like the purple better

Another pick by Dad

And this starts Liam's registry picks.

Liam may have been thinking of himself a little

He picked this out himself! We think he made a good choice.

Nightlight, Liam has the turtle
Another choice by Liam