Friday, July 29, 2011

Fran got scammed and while Jerad sits in a Canadian jail

I get a call yesterday "Molly this is Chuck, where's Jerad?"
 "He's at work, why?"
 "Well this morning...Fran.." his voice cut out and I was thinking, oh no, Fran died and he continues "Fran got a phone call and Jerad is in jail. We think he got in trouble with those fountain pens" 
"What? No, he's at work"
"We got a call and they said Jerad was in jail and we have to post 2900$ in bail and a 150$ processing fee"
"Oh, no you guys! That's a scam! Don't pay any money to anyone!" 
"Well Fran thinks its real and says we're going to the police right now. OK bye"

Chuck called back about an hour and a half later, laughing. The number that "Jerad" had called from Canadian and the account they were supposed to send the "bail money" to was in Lima Peru. Whoever called claimed to be Jerad and gave Fran directions to send a money gram from Fred Meyer. Fran wrote down the info (officer badge number W420, as of they could not be more obvious) and then ran out to tell Chuck, who was working outside
. She ran outside and yells "I need 2900$ and I can't tell anyone why!" And Chuck says "And I told her I'm not giving you 2900$ and you are going to tell me why". I guess the police said there was nothing they could do and Fran was completely terrified that Jerad was in jail in Canada. As Chuck was telling me this he suddenly says "well Fran says to get off the phone. Bye" (click)

As I relayed this all to Jerad after work he says "well at least I know who to call if I ever actually do need to be bailed out"
Fran pre-jail scandal

Afternoon at Lucky Peak

One positive about our new place is we are 3 miles from Lucky Peak Reservoir. It's only 5$ to park and then you can hang out all day. Jerad and Jasper played fetch, Bella got to swim, Liam and I explored and played in the water, and Cassia did her thing (stayed awake and watched everyone).  On a negative note, Jerad got bit by mosquitoes and I for some reason was bit 4x by a horse fly. Why a horse fly? No idea.

Bella got in trouble and went to doggy jail

Cassia is happy. Here is proof.

Good night kitty

Liam likes to pet the cat before he goes to bed. He also does this:
Molly: Good night Liam I love you

summer morning at the playgound

Cassia loves the grass, Liam continuing to be a robot.

Liam why are you standing like that?

"I'm a cactus"

Look, no kids!

My friend Becky watched both children for 2 hours and Jerad and I went to PFChang's. We had GF lettuce wraps, green tea w/ blackberry + jasmine, fried green beans, and Jerad ordered bok choy fried beef. I had GF shrimp in lobster sauce and a chocolate mousse "dessert shot". 

Cassia was good, didn't sleep but did eat some crackers. Liam and her friend's daughter made sock puppets (Liam made a puppy), watched Sponge Bob, and ate blueberries. I think they had a better time than we did.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Only Jerad

I showed him this picture of Cassia and he says "she looks like Sarlacc"

Who is Sarlacc?

Sarlacc is the giant hole monster in Star Wars that eats everyone.


guess what I can do?

got it!

Sitting up + Robots at the playground

Liam: I am a bad robot. I will destroy all humans.

Liam: Once upon a time there was a dragon named Sally. He lived in a house that was a machine that made dragons. 

We met another 5 year old boy who introduced himself to me "My name is Iron Man! Iron Man is Tony Stark! Actually Iron Man is my pretend name. My real name is Frankenstein". He was playing a game with Liam that he explained to me as "I am a monster and she is a dragon and he (Liam) is a robber who stole from the good guy's store and he took their cakes and their balloons!" Liam made a new best friend. 

Monday, July 25, 2011

Liam got ahold of my camera

As you can see he is a creative kid. When we were grocery shopping I asked him to go potty and he came running out with the toilet paper unraveling and goes "Mama I made you a FINISH LINE!!". In related news, I am hiring for a personal assistant.

***note, we have not gotten entirely unpacked yet

Cassia joins us for a matching game

Guess who is sooo close to crawling? If there is something she wants, she will find a way to get it. Luckily Liam thought she was funny and not intruding. So far, anyway.