Wednesday, August 29, 2012

First Day of First Grade!

I had to miss it (class at 7:30) but Jerad got him off just fine. He even has a few friends from kindergarten in his new class. He likes his teacher (so do we) and is excited about eating "hot lunch" at school. He even gets to keep a water bottle on his desk. I'm sure this will be a fun year for all of us :)

First tooth!

He got his first loose tooth on his 6th birthday, and lost it on his third day of first grade! Go Liam!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Thank you great Grandma for the apron

Dear Great Grandma, thank you for the apron that you gave to my mom before I was born so I could use it now. I know it was really for me, she was just keeping it safe. Love, Cassia

Monday, August 13, 2012


Just a friendly reminder football starts in 18 days. 

Morning read

You can't tell but she is still covered in marker here. Anyway, I found her reading in her room, she is really good at finding all the kitties on the pages. 

We found the markers Liam got for his birthday

And we don't care if it's naughty.

Cassia finds my Jack shirt

She pulled my Halloween shirt out of my dresser and then brought it to me to put it on her. I can definitely appreciate her taste in movies.  

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Pics from the graduation party we went to in May I just forgot about until now

I left the laptop open and found this


Thanks, Cassia

Monday, August 6, 2012


Cassia's boxing gloves

Playing outside

upset at me b/c she wants to leave

Cassia picks out her own shoes

Going on a summer walk means boots to my daughter. 

Liam's 6th Birthday Party

We had it in Julia Davis Park and Liam wanted a Halloween theme. I dragged our decorations out of storage and had a lot of help from both kids. His friends Liam (the other Liam), his sister Summer, CJ, and DC were there plus Elsbeth, Becky, Barb, and Rachel. Liam wanted a spider cake with 8 eyes so he made cake pops and we stuck them in a cake (with green frosting as green spider guts). I forgot the licorice legs though, and we will probably try again on Halloween. 

Liam got a pirate ship, lots of Legos, Harry Potter game, and vintage comics. We went swimming after the party and Cassia was so tired at dinner she took one bite then laid down on the floor. Both kids slept in eh next morning and Cassia had her 18 months shots at 11. She hardly cried and got a mango sucker, so she was pretty happy. Liam said he had a good birthday and is happy he is 6.