Saturday, October 27, 2012

Anatomy with Cassia

Me:  nose!
Cassia: nose!
Me: mouth!
Cassia: mouth!
Me: ears!
Cassia: NO!

Boo at the Zoo!

It was crowded but fun, both kids rode on the merry-go-round and did some trick or treating. Cassia liked feeding the goats and the slide. Liam was quite spastic and enjoyed everything. He went as a dementor, Cassia as a tough fire fighter. 

Here they are feeding goats:

Monster Mash Dance

Liam had his first dance last night, the Monster Mash. He wore his Optimus Prime costume and a Santa hat. Not shy at all, he was the first kid on the dance floor and one of the last to leave. One of his classmates danced with him, they were hilarious. He told me it was the "most fun I had in my entire life" 

See for yourself:

New video!

Miss C dancing:

Friday, October 26, 2012

Visiting Idaho Falls

Mary and Roxy

Fran and her broken collarbone, which she called "inconvenient"

Class trip to the pumpkin patch

I chaperoned the annual trip to the Linder Farms pumpkin patch this morning. You might notice a lack of pictures. This is because I forgot my gloves and it was too cold to take my hands out of my pockets. I did get to talk to Liam's teacher about zombies though:

Mrs. Sly: I had a student who was afraid to use the bathroom because she though there were zombies in there.

Me: Liam would probably want to use the bathroom if he thought there were zombies in there.
Mrs Sly: Me too, I love zombies. 

And we love Mrs. Sly.

Liam however decided to invent a dance called "farting chicken" and to do this in front the group I was chaperoning, which they all started doing as well. Thanks, Liam.

Liam's class pumpkin

My parents donated a 116 lb pumpkin to the first grade class and had a vote on what to name it. Also some bat Halloween decorations, which I liked. Happy Halloween!!

Jerad gets home from an overnight trip to Idaho Falls

Jerad delivered a car to Idaho Falls and stopped in to see his family overnight. He met Laura's new puppy, a Jack Russell named Roxy and saw his grandma who recently fell and broke her collarbone. When he got home the kids were pretty excited.

Puffy coat weather

Cassia is good at sharing Liam's chair

Liam's "midnight hat"

After the Homecoming Parade we went to the Theater dept's costume sale. Liam got this hat for 1$ and wanted to sleep with it on. He called it a "midnight hat".

Galena watches the BSU game with me

And she was pretty excited about it.

Potatoes gratin - my first time making it

I made a layer of cauliflower and topped it with herbs and garlic - everyone liked it

Homecoming Parade @ BSU

We met the Newman family and Liam and CJ got tons of candy. Cassia remained indifferent. It was game day so after we went tailgating and got some hotdogs and cocoa. 

Learning about growing up in first grade

The bulletin board had baby pictures of every kid on the month they were born...recognize the little baby in blue?

This is how I found Liam watching Adventure Time

Adventure Time Finn hat, Mario pajamas, Captain America shield, and a Lego shield. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Liam decorated a pumpkin

land shark!

We got a scorpion.

His name is Caligula and he isn't very smart, but Liam likes him. He lives in a pickle jar, one of Jerad's co-workers caught him then gave him to us. He's neat to watch, but is pretty bad at eating. We fed him a cricket and he missed it 3x with his stinger then the cricket climbed onto his back. He eventually got it though and he's now very fat. 

This is how dumb our cat is.

She was sitting like this in our room, she did this to herself. She sat like this for 20 minutes. I don't know why.

Lunch at the Basque Market

It was our first time at the Basque Market and we definitely want to go again. There's not only a cool gourmet store inside but the lunch is really fun - you pick from a variety of appetizers and pay by how many you pick. We had roast almonds, olives with herrings, and rolls with prosciutto.