Thursday, February 23, 2012


Liam: Were you sick?
Molly: Yeah, I am still sick but not as much.
Liam: Why were you sick?
Molly: I had bad germs on me.
Liam: You need to wash the bad germs off. You don't keep them!
Molly:  Thank you, I will do that.

Liam: And don't eat any green gumballs! They are real and they will eat your brain and head!
Molly: What?

Jerad feeds the boy since I'm sick:
Jerad: Dad made dinner tonight, bud.
Liam: Hotdogs with cheese?
Jerad: Dad dinner!
Liam: Is it burned?
Molly: Ha!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I have croup!


I've been sick since Saturday and went in today. The doctor did a swab and then told me I had croup. It's laryngitis in adults, and I have no idea how I caught it. He said that in only 1% of people does croup develop into  strep, so I probably didn't have strep as well. 

Then my results came in and yes, I also have strep. I am consistently  a medical mystery. 

Liam offered his own advice
"Your throat hurts because you have a gumball stuck in your neck. You need to be more careful'

Then he made me a red and white beaded necklace. 

So....antibiotics for the next 10 days. And I will call you when I can, I can't talk at all :(

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Cassia had been sick and crying for 3 days straight. I missed a day of school and volunteering at Liam's class and by day 3 we needed an outing. I figured she could cry outside just as much as she could inside. 

She calmed down and had fun, she was a trooper and walked for almost an hour! She even will stay on the trails (mostly). Liam love the outdoors and lead us down all the trails. He did hit himself in the face with a stick and there was some blood, but we did OK. 

My kids and their black eyes

Cassia face planted on the coffee table, the next day Liam smacks himself with a stick. (hiking pics will be posted momentarily). Promise we're not abusive parents. 


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Thank you Auntie Yaya for the dresses

Sorry I am not posing very well in these pictures, I have been sick for 4 days and don't care about the camera right now. I like my dress though, except I was mad when I discovered that buttons don't come off and that the buttons are not food. Screaming and throwing myself on the floor didn't make it any better but I sure tried. 

Love, Cassia

Ps Liam likes the robot dress. 

Monday, February 6, 2012


Liam's bff at school is a little blond girl named Ashley. He drew her a picture "Robo Ashley" and wanted me to give it to her mom. He had me narrate what the picture was (Robo Ashley has one bouncy leg and one icy leg, she has 1,000 eyes and drinks oil..) The next day Ashley's mom gives me the two drawings Ashley drew for Liam. When I picked him up from school he comes running out yelling "Ashley wants MY PHONE NUMBER!"

One year appointment

Cassia plays in the waiting room then reads a book while they get her shots ready

Birthday Cake, during and after!

She had her fist year appt today, she's healthy and ahead vocabulary and motor skills wise. She also had 4 shots and a blood test so we gave her some cake to compensate.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

she looks insane

Cassia decides this is how her hair should look:

new kitchen

Happy birthday baby girl, you and your brother will have lots of fun in your new kitchen.

So much in fact you won't even turn around so I can take a picture. 

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The birthday equivalent to the Titanic

Let's just say she has a black eye, was woken up by a fire alarm, and got her leg stuck in her crib. 

We volunteered at Liam's kindergarten, she had fun there. She bounced in the pillows and wandered the halls (his school knows us and no one minds the baby wandering around.). We got home around 3:30 and she fell on her wastebasket and ended up with a red puffy eye, which is black today. She was super tired and went to bed around 6:30 so she missed Jerad....but then I was cooking  bacon around 8 and the smoke alarm went off and woke her up. Before I got her she began screaming bloody murder and we found her leg trapped and twisted in her crib.

We felt bad and let her open presents. Which means Liam opened presents while she played with a car. She did like her presents though, tried to eat her play cupcakes and drove her new Sesame Street cars around for a while. Jerad put her to bed, and then she woke up at 3:30am crying and cried until 4:30am. I sat with her on the couch for about an hour, gave her some Tylenol then laid her back down. 

So we're having a birthday do-over