Saturday, June 25, 2011

last hurrah

Liam picked me flowers on our last night in MT. We had dinner at the Quick Stop and ice cream. Dad got vanilla, Liam got strawberry, I got creme de menthe, and Cassia chewed on my cup of water.

golfball waterfall

Moving day for Squirmy

Liam and I decide that Squirmy could use a bigger cage. Liam made him a salad of leaves, dandelions, pansies, and lettuce. Squirmy seemed happy.

can haz cheezburger-pic by Liam

pic by Liam

Cassia enjoys the sweet life

Which for a four month old is sitting up unassisted.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Meet the new rooster

Liam named him Squirmy. He has one tail feather left after a dog encounter. Liam doesn't care and says "hello Squirmy, I love your beautiful tail"

Trip to the park

Liam invented his own game of horse shoes (or as he calls t-shoes"); "you take these t-shoes and set them in a pattern. then you run around the t-shoe pipe. then you jump the fence. them you make up a new pattern". He then made a pattern of XXX OOO XXX and was very upset when I moved one.

little Michael Jackson action

Liam and a giant goose

The title pretty much covers it.

Before everyone went back to Oklahoma we all watched "Tangled". It turned out to be pretty girl-centric. At the part where the prince and princess are about to kiss Liam turns to me and asks "do you like cats?". He also told us later that he needs chocolate milk for his energy controlling system and his energy was too low to take a bath.

Dresses from Yaya

Perfect fit! And thank you again for not being pink!

Remember when we were too terrified to tear the tags off a Beanie Baby?

Neither does Cassia.

"I'm burning diesel I'm burning dinosaur bones..."

Liam, Papa, + Great Uncle DD found a skull while hiking. Liam says it is from a cowasaurus, which ate other dinosaurs but also ate plants when it was hungry.

Liam's city

Liam likes Transformers

See: Bumblebee pjs + scooter (which he has only fallen off 2x)

babies to the left, babies to the right

Liam + Cassia, summer's must have accessory