Monday, April 30, 2012

Trip to the MK Nature Center

Liam gives Cassia a ride to the car

She likes the fish tanks

Watching the trout

walking to kindergarten

another 5 minutes

Again, I tried to do homework at home....Cassia found q-tips this time...

robot dress

5 minutes

I tried to work on some homework...Cassia found the sprinkles...



Liam's plat diagram

I like the worms.

guess what

Liam yells "mom the baby is in my bed!" so yes, she can make it all the way up.

Stealing Liam's drink

She put down her sippy and stole Liam' now I'm going to have to start buying her super hero sports bottles too. 

tired baby

My poor Liam

Liam has to wear an eye patch for 4 hrs a day for 6 weeks. He doesn't like it, but he's wearing it. We bought some patches he can draw on and this was what he drew this morning. It's a spider fighting.

Playing in the rocking chair

Liam's Art

They made Salvador Dhalis 
Liam's Salvador

Liam's first book report! He chose clown fish

Playing at the park

Cassia eats a tomato

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Devon and Kellie do have a valid point

Baby kennel

Standing in line to get our Biountiful Basket Cassia kept trying to run into the street. The woman in line behind me said "here, put her in here". 

We put Cassia in her basket and she stayed put. The girl who put her in said "It's like a crib but smaller. You can tell all the other babies you're modern and minimalistic."

Playing at Target

Cassia refused to wear anything on her head, so Liam showed her how it's done.