Thursday, November 29, 2012

Liam gets sick on Thanksgiving.

We were all set to go to Idaho Falls on Thursday, but Liam got sick at 3am and we didn't go. It's OK though, it happens. I will try and get the kids down there in December. Anyway, we weren't planning on being home that day and had no food, the turkey wasn't thawed yet,  aaaaand almost every store was closed. Jerad ended up getting him and the kids a frozen pizza at Albertson's a half hour before the closed and I had a bowl of cereal. We had out actual dinner the next day. Jerad made the potatoes, turkey, green beans, and cranberries. I had the sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie, brownies, stuffing, and biscuits. It turned out fine, even though we had a rough start. 

Savory turkey with salt rub
au gratin potatoes
green beans with lemon zest and French onion soup
cranberry sauce with orange and pineapple
cornbread stuffing
buttery sage biscuits
orange pumpkin pie
handmade orange whipped cream
mashed sweet potatoes 
pumpkin brownies
sparkling mango cider
red wine

Liam takes a sick day

she was less sick

Jasper still worried


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